N95 Mask Making Machine

N95 Mask Making Machine


Full Automatic mask making machine is used to make the folding type medical protective masks, such as KN95, N95 masks.


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Full Automatic mask making machine is used to make the folding type medical protective masks, such as KN95, N95 masks. This machine can automatically unwind and feed (non-woven fabric, hot air cotton, melt-blown fabric), convey/cut nose bridge (built-in),ultrasonic embossing, convey / cut / weld left and right ear straps, fold in half, ultrasonic edge sealing, Die cutting, automatic waste collection.


1.Video introduction

2. Parameter


SCM-KZN95  Full automatic mask machine

Ultrasonic frequency


Control method


Detection method

photoelectric detection



Air pressure




Power about


Machine size


Weight about



Schematic structure

Ø Unwinding—Transition—Upper Nose Line—Ultrasonic Welding—Layering—Upper Ear Cord—Folded Edge—Second Welding—Die Cutting—Finished Product



This machine combined ultrasonic welding with light-electric control technology, equipped with plc controlling,can make the N95 blank mask automatically,the high quality aluminum structure can effectively reduce the pollution on the mask,high quality embossing roller and die cutting roller make the indentation much clear and easy to take off the mask from the mother roll,equipped with waste rewinding unit,can save labor cost



3.Functional description

1. Machine characteristics

The shape of the mask welding of the mask machine is uniform and clear, the depth is consistent, there is no tooth loss or tooth missing phenomenon, excessive welding pressure leakage phenomenon, the two ends of the mask production are neat, no burrs, and no wrinkles. It has the advantages of simple and convenient operation adjustment, good stability, convenient counting, accurate and high efficiency.

2. The mask machine, also known as the ultrasonic mask body machine, is a machine used to automatically produce multi-layer material N95 mask products. It can use 1 to 4 layers of PP spunbond nonwoven activated carbon and filter materials. The entire machine is fed from raw materials The insertion of the nose line, edge banding, and cutting of the finished products are all automated operations. Depending on the raw materials used, they can reach different standards such as dust-proof, civil, medical, and FFP2. The mask production equipment has stable performance, high output, low defect rate and easy operation.


(1) Unwinding method: adopt mechanical shaft to unwind



(2) Transition



(3) Upper nose line device



(4) Ultrasonic welding


(5)Ear wire device



(6)Folding device



(7) Die cutting device



(8) waste auto rewinding



(9) Finished products




3. About us

Ruian Nuowan Machinery is a company integrating industry and trade, specializing in the production of non-woven bag making machines, mask making machine equipment, and providing a full set of flexible packaging equipment

Since the establishment of the company, in line with the policy of "continuously improving the quality of customers' trust" to meet the needs of customers. It gradually won the support and trust of customers. With the advent of the digital information age, all employees of Novan will be younger and meet the opportunities and challenges of the new century with a dynamic attitude

"Integrity, reputation, career" is the company's business philosophy, integrity-based, pioneering and innovative, the pursuit of excellence, creating perfection is the company's unwavering business philosophy. Over the years, the company has established new mechanisms to promote technological innovation, product innovation and management innovation, and constantly improve and standardize business management.

At the same time, we are committed to developing new products with high-tech content and making due contributions to my country's printing and packaging industry.




The product has been CE certified.



5.Packaging and delivery

• Delivery time: about 15 working days after payment.

•package: The packaging of the product transport process is the use of environmentally friendly wooden pallets, effectively avoid the international long-distance transport machinery collision.

• FOB: Ning bo Port



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